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We are pleased to present this elegant collection of Art Glass Decor. With nature as inspiration our glass blowers build each figurine from layers of 2000 degree molten glass - elegant, decorative accent for all settings. Exclusively handmade, our glass creations are unique, each varied by its own distinctive nuances, each deserving a special place in your collection.  
Woven Facets Bowl @ Santa  Fe Connection in Wimberley, Texas
Glass vase @ Santa Fe Connection.com
Glass vase @ Santa Fe Connection.com
Mosaic Glass Vase at SantaFe-Connection.com
Painter's Palette Vase - SantaFe-Connection.com
Five Layer Veil Vase - SantaFe-Connection.com
Millefiori Vase - SantaFe-Connection.com
Oceana Vase - SantaFe-Connection.com
Bulb Vase - Red Ribbon - SantaFe-Connection.com
Flat Vase - Wave Glow - SantaFe-Connection.com
Steel Blue Skinny Vase - SantaFe-Connection.com
Canework glass bowl at SantaFe-Connection.com
Votive at SantaFe-Connection.com
Large Mallard Duck - SantaFe-Connection.com
Loon Glass Sculpture at SantaFe-Connection.com
Large Colorful Rooster - SantaFe-Connection.com
Hummbingbird Glass Sculpture at SantaFe-Connection.com
Scarlet Ibis - SantaFe-Connection.com
Glass Red Parrot - SantaFe-Connection.com
Brown Pelican - SantaFe-Connection.com
Cardinal Bird at SantaFe-Connection.com
Glass Snowy Owl - SantaFe-Connection.com
Frog with  Tadpole - SantaFe-Connection.com
Large Trout - SantaFe-Connection.com
Damsel Fish - SantaFe-Connection.com
Clown Fish - SantaFe-Connection.com
 Yellowfin Tuna - SantaFe-Connection.com
Bison - SantaFe-Connection.com
Tall Penguin - SantaFe-Connection.com
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